Packaging Design Software

KASEMAKE: Revolutionising Packaging Design Software for Industry Professionals

Designers around the world consider KASEMAKE to be the best packaging design software available.
In the dynamic world of product packaging, precision, creativity, and efficiency are paramount. Meet KASEMAKE, the innovative software transforming the landscape of packaging design. Tailored to cater to the diverse needs of packaging professionals across industries, KASEMAKE stands out as a comprehensive solution for crafting visually appealing, structurally sound, and cost-effective packaging designs.

Unraveling the Features:

  1. Structural Design Expertise: KASEMAKE empowers designers to create effective packaging structures with ease. Its advanced tools allow for 2D and 3D modeling, facilitating the visualisation of designs from multiple angles.
  2. Cost Optimization: With its intelligent layout algorithms, KASEMAKE assists in minimising material waste, thereby reducing production costs without compromising on quality.
  3. Integration and Compatibility: KASEMAKE integrates with production equipment and supports a wide range of file formats, ensuring compatibility across the production chain. Output formats include PDF, AI, CF2, DDES, DWG, DXF, HPGL, EPS 
  4. Intuitive: Fast and quick to learn with hundreds of easy to use drafting and layout tools
  5. Hundreds of built in, ready to go designs: Over 700 adjustable design templates including FEFCO, ECMA and POS/POP Display parametric libraries.
  6. Scheduling and Workflow Management: Built in job planning and real-time tracking and monitoring tools.

2D Drafting Packaging Design Tools

KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software - Intelligent 2D drawing tools

First of all, ease of use, flexibility, and speed underpin all the drafting tools in KASEMAKE. As a result KASEMAKE is the number one choice of packaging design software worldwide.

When you encounter a design problem, you can bet KASEMAKE has a tool to solve it. Furthermore all tools are helpfully organised into task similar toolbars, so KASEMAKE’s drawing tools are available at the click of a button.
Virtually all functions operate intelligently based on the elements you’re working on allowing for much faster designing.

As each tool is selected the settings for that tool appear and context menus adapt accordingly, making the drawing process as simple and automatic as possible. Consequently designers save a considerable amount of CAD time, by using KASEMAKE.

Our recommended drawing method is direct and immediate with no need for construction lines like other packaging design software. However construction line tools are available, should you wish to use them.

Parametric Style Libraries

Hundreds of re-sizeable styles in KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software

With KASEMAKE Packaging design software you can create a new style in seconds!
Consequently customers can get the design they need in moments, using one of the 700+ built in style templates. Each template is fully re-sizeable, simply changing parameters such as length, width, depth and material will update the design instantly. You can potentially create thousands of design variations in seconds, due to the modifiable design options many of the styles have. Design libraries supplied as standard include FEFCO for corrugated boxes, ECMA for folding cartons, and POP/POS for counter top and free-standing displays.

Also parametric styles for corrugated materials have been updated to accommodate R Flute® and other similar new boards.

With KASEMAKE you’re not limited to the re-sizeable templates we supply. In other words you can create your own parametric designs and modify existing styles to suit the tolerances of your board or your customer’s requirements. This allows you to build up your own specialised library of instantly re-sizeable designs.

Integral SQL Database

We have developed a full and highly configurable SQL database system for KASEMAKE, adding a whole new level of functionality. Furthermore, the SQL database is robust and powerful with integral security and user privilege features. Hence SQL is capable of handling vast amounts of data which makes it suitable for all businesses from small companies to global multi-site enterprises.

Additional features include:

  • job management and scheduling;
  • revision histories;
  • handling of multi-part jobs;
  • potential for KASEMAKE to talk to your other business systems;
  • ability to attach supporting documents to any job, for example photos, Word, PDF and spreadsheet documents; and much more.

KASEMAKE is more than just packaging design software, but a powerful department and data management tool too.

2D and 3D Border Frames

Adding a custom-designed border to your jobs creates a professional and highly visual report document. Therefore, borders are perfect for communicating your ideas to your customers, and internally.

You can include as much or as little information in each border as you wish and have a selection of different borders for specific purposes. Job information such as knife to knife size, material data, rule costs, machine route, etc. can be incorporated into each border and updated dynamically by the software.

A single border can combine 2D and 3D views of your designs and be output in industry standard PDF format for distribution. Furthermore 3D views remain fully live in the PDF document so the recipient can rotate and zoom the design in Adobe reader.

KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software also has special tools in the following areas. Click the links below for details.

Advanced theoretical compression tools
Workflow and scheduling
Machine Control

You can download a PDF brochure containing all the information about KASEMAKE V12.1 here