The KASEWEB Web Portal (Optional Module)

KASEWEB online design approvalKASEWEB is a secure, web-based project sharing facility. 2D drawings, high-resolution images, 3D animations, and other relevant documents can be viewed online by your customers or by your internal staff using a standard internet browser.

KASEWEB is used for customer approval/feedback generating email and scheduler alerts at each status change, improving the development-to-production cycle. KASEWEB can also be used purely for sharing and viewing jobs internally amongst your own staff.

Business Systems Link (Optional Module)

A further optional product is available to connect KASEMAKE in the structural design department to your estimating and MIS/ERP business systems (such as Packaging 3000, CDM, Tharstern Primo, EPICOR Advantage, etc.).

This can help eliminate unnecessary double data entry and streamline data transfer from sales enquiries to CAD, then on to Estimating, and finally to production. The link is fully customisable and configurable to suit your requirements.