Workflow and Scheduling – KASELINX Scheduler

Workflow and Scheduling

Communication between design and your sales, production and management departments needs to be as efficient and dynamic as possible. KASEMAKE now has built-in features as standard to help.

KASELINX is a suite of workflow and job scheduling modules. Enhanced functionality is also possible using further optional connectivity modules.

KASELINXCreate is a standalone application that you use to create job requests. Your admin staff on site and sales reps on site can use it to capture enquiries as they come in.

KASELINXCreate offers a customisable interface to allow you to log relevant design and sales information. This can also include a parametric design code and dimensional information, and even bespoke artwork. KASELINXCreate can send jobs to the scheduler individually or in batches. Jobs captured off-site can be submitted when back in the office, or even while off-site if a remote connection to your network is available.

workflow and scheduling

Allocating Jobs to Designers

KASELINXScheduler is the heart of the KASELINX system and provides a visual planner that a design manager or administrator can view to check details of existing or newly submitted jobs. They can add notes and relevant information to each job if necessary and then assign to individual designers.

The design manager can allocate a job to a designer, it then appears in his job queue waiting to be actioned. After starting a job from the queue, the designer can flag changes in job status as work progresses. This means anyone with access to the scheduler timeline can immediately see what stage the job is at. All status changes, comments, etc. are logged and date stamped for quality assurance purposes.

With the optional KASEWEB module a job flagged for customer feedback or approval is made available online allowing the customer to log-in, make comments and approve or reject the job, which updates the status in the scheduler.

The KASELINX system, when combined with KASEMAKE provides powerful workflow and project management. KASEWEB further adds to workflow efficiency by allowing the customer to review and approve jobs remotely.