KM Series 7 Digital Cutters


The new KM 7 Series machines provide fast and flexible solutions to sampling and prototyping. A digital cutter in your finishing department increases productivity and reduces bottlenecks. With the ability to prototype, the KM 7 Series machine also allows your design team to be more creative.


The high speed, high accuracy digital servo drives provide smooth and reliable operation. Versatile tooling options ensure that you have the ability to finish a vast range of materials quickly and easily. Adding extra tooling, such as the powerful 1KW router, extends the range of materials that can be cut far beyond those that a single point knife cutting system can handle. Because tables come in an extensive range of sizes you can be confident of finding a solution that fits your requirements perfectly.


The KM 7 Series tool head comprises 2 interchangeable, tangentially driven tool modules and a Pen, incorporating the following, standard set of tools.

  • Electronic Oscillating Knife – with variable oscillating control, max 12,000rpm. Suitable for cutting a variety of materials, up to 15mm in thickness.
  • Drag Knife – With a selection of blade types and angles to suit most materials Creasing Tool – with interchangeable creasing profiles. Suitable for creasing a variety of both fluted and non-fluted packaging materials.
  • Pen Tool – Suitable for drawing on a variety of materials
  • Optional Router – with variable spindle control, speed max 50,000rpm Suitable for harder materials e.g. Acrylic, Plexiglas, wood and thin Aluminium. This tool is not part of the standard configuration but can be retrofitted if required.

Camera Registration

The video camera registration module fitted to the KM 7 Series gives you perfect cut to print registration every time. It minimises the setup time on the machine, increases productivity and virtually eliminates errors and subsequent wastage. The module comprises a colour video camera plus dedicated software which utilises any style of registration mark.