Project Workflow Tools for Packaging Companies in KASEMAKE

KASEMAKE is backed by a highly configurable project management database system to support and organise your packaging design workflow

A single database system that manages your project management, workflow, and design process

Upgrade the efficiency of communication between your design, sales, production, and management departments.
Create requests, allocate work, manage timescales, create revisions and forward files on for design, proofing, and processing, using our integrated database system. Retrieve repeat jobs and historical design data with ease.
The KASEMAKE Project Management System database workflow

Project management is at the core of KASEMAKE's database system

Gain access to a virtual paper-trail of all design revisions across your company. Store and retrieve all your packaging design data in one place for repeat jobs and reuse.
Each time you save a file KASEMAKE automatically populates your drawing's design metrics, such as dimensions and costings, so that you don't have to.
The main KASEMAKE database window

Why choose KASEMAKE for your packaging project management and workflow?

KASEMAKE's database system is capable of handling vast amounts of data, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes - from small companies to global, multi-site enterprises
For storage and retrieval of all your packaging design data
Job management and scheduling
Automated data entry
Revision histories
Handling of multipart jobs
Drawing border fields load from the database
Add custom data fields to store additional information
Advanced filtering and search criteria
Integral security and user-privilege features

KASEMAKE makes project management easy for packaging companies

Capture job requests from your sales staff with KASELINX Create

KASELINX Create is a standalone application for sales reps and admin staff to capture job requests as they come in
Each request logs relevant design and sales information including parametric style, dimensions, reference numbers, and so on. Any kind of file (Word Documents, photos, PDFs, etc.) can be attached to a job and will remain with the job throughout its lifecycle. Jobs captured off-site can be submitted upon returning to the office, or even while off-site should a remote connection to your network be available.
Capture jobs using KASELINX Create

Schedule your packaging design workflow with KASELINX Create

Real-time job allocation gives you the means to organise your workflow. Provide timescales for jobs, prioritise important work, never miss a deadline!
Your design manager can prioritise and allocate jobs to designers. Designers flag changes to job status whenever they save their work. Anyone with access to the scheduler timeline can immediately see what stage any job is at. All status changes are logged with commentary and date-stamped for tracking purposes.
Schedule your packaging design workflow using KASELINX Scheduler

MySQL™, Microsoft SQL Server™, and SQLite™ database support *

Take your project management to the next level using our fully integrated database system
* If you have your own Database Administrator, KASEMAKE will support other database systems such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, and IBM DB2.
KASEMAKE project management system for Packaging Companies works with MySQL
KASEMAKE project management system for Packaging Companies works with Microsoft SQL Server
KASEMAKE project management system for Packaging Companies works with SQLite
You can choose whichever SQL database system suits your business needs best. SQLite is most suitable for single-designer small businesses, while MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server are more suited to larger enterprises. KASEMAKE also works with cloud-based databases hosted in Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.
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