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KASEMAKE Packaging CAD Software for 2D & 3D Structural Packaging Design

KASEMAKE assists with packaging design, and includes over 1000 customisable templates for ECMA, FEFCO and Point-of-Sale

KASEMAKE comes as an all-in-one package instead of having to add individual module cost options; everything is included: 2D design, resizable (parametric) design libraries, Advanced Parametric Style creation, Layout creation, Database, Diemaking, 3D Visualisation and Animation.

KASEMAKE has a very user-friendly interface. It uses a highly intuitive and direct method of drawing/editing and does not rely on construction lines, although these are available. This makes it the quickest to learn and the most productive structural design software available for packaging and displays. Structural designers love KASEMAKE, it gives them all the tools they need and helps them unleash their creativity.

KASEMAKE includes hundreds of parametric designs encompassing FEFCO and ECMA standards, displays, honeycomb exhibition stands, and many more

KASEMAKE has the widest range of built-in resizable designs (Parametrics) for corrugated cardboard packaging, corrugated displays (POP/POS), folding boxboard and polymer cartons, paper envelopes and bags, presentation folders and wallets, rigid presentation boxes, honeycomb structural board displays and exhibition stands.

KASEMAKE’s corrugated parametric design libraries are renowned as the best in the business in terms of the accuracy of their material allowances for different board grades and in reflecting the real-world designs most manufacturers/converters produce in practice.

3D folding of packaging and displays

KASEMAKE offers 3D folding and visualisation of packaging and displays as some other similar software packages do. However, KASEMAKE also can show semi-photorealistic rendered images including shadow effects and material textures. This makes for higher-quality visualisations which can be shared with your customers or in-house either as static images or animated movies. KASEMAKE goes further still, allowing designers to bring in actual products that have been designed in other 3D software and show them in the packaging or display. Users can even build 3D environments such as shelf units, room sets, stores, etc. and place their packaging or display in these environments. KASEMAKE is the only software that offers all of these advanced features as standard and not as premium add-ons.

Design your own resizable parametrics

KASEMAKE is unique in giving users the ability, as standard, to make their own advanced resizable parametric design libraries, as well as amending those supplied with the software, to meet their requirements. The process of creating parametric designs is simple, requiring no programming or complex mathematical abilities. This simplicity does not restrict how advanced and smart the parametric designs can be, the limit is only imagination.

Training and support

It is important to be able to use the KASEMAKE software effectively when designing for packaging and displays. Backup in the form of tailored training courses (one-to-one, rather than classroom) and quick access to helpdesk support is key to this. The team at AG/CAD has a well-deserved reputation for delivering the high levels required by new and experienced users alike. Training staff come from the packaging and display industries and understand the challenges designers face and the nature of the products being designed for which allows for unrivalled industry insider knowledge.

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