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DYSS Digital Cutting machines are robust, highly accurate cutting machines for packaging and other applications

AG/CAD supply a range of models and sizes, ranging from 1300 x 1000mm to 3200 x 3000mm with a static or conveyorised bed option

DYSS Digital Cutting Machines

DYSS X5 Digital Cutting Machine

DYSS machines are technically advanced yet robust flatbed digital cutters, built to cope with modern manufacturing demands.

Machines are available in sizes ranging from 1300 x 1000mm to 3200 x 3000mm with a static or conveyorised bed option.

The 8’ x 5’ and 10’ x 5’ models are the best sellers, accommodating the stock sizes of roll and sheet media available to the sign, digital, and packaging trades.

All DYSS machines employ zero-backlash drive technology for high manufacturing precision. Plug & play tooling is available across the DYSS range. Most cutting options employ tungsten carbide blades and router bits for accuracy and longevity.

Where fast cutting speeds are required, the DYSS X5 is a market leader. Accurate processing paired with high acceleration and fast cutting speeds is made possible with a solid chassis and 50mm honeycomb aluminium bed. The X5 can be supplied with tooling to process materials including, but not limited to - paper, textile, folding box board, corrugated, Correx, foam PVC, honeycomb board and even foam.

When a router is required, DYSS offer the X7 range. The X7 is a workhorse of a machine built to process dense, difficult-to-handle media. A robust gantry means that cutting and creasing tools can exert high downforce without distortion. As a result, single-pass cutting of thick Foam PVC and creasing of export-grade corrugated is possible. The optional high-frequency router gives fantastic results with acrylic, thicker Foam PVC, and ACM, even lower-grade aluminium composite materials.

AG/CAD draws on over 35 years of experience supplying software and cut solutions. DYSS machines and the various levels of KASEMAKE software are designed to be intuitive and simple to use. DYSS cutters operate seamlessly with files generated in KASEMAKE. However, the DYSS front-end software - K-CUT - imports the most commonly used file formats - DXF, CF2, EPS, AI, PDF, etc. Many rip software packages have DYSS cutter profiles built in as standard.

Different levels of KASEMAKE software are available depending on the customer's requirements. K-CUT is designed for those simply wanting to process files generated in third-party software packages.

K-CUT Vision employs an intelligent camera system designed to recognise registration marks and material edges. It is highly accurate and intelligent enough to cope with stretch and both linear and nonlinear distortion.

The machine workstation can also be equipped with the full KASEMAKE professional design suite. KASEMAKE comes standard with all the elements: 2D drafting, hundreds of scalable parametric designs, 3D folding with artwork application, and a powerful database.

AG/CAD offers customers optional software support and machine-preventative maintenance packages to back up the products and services supplied. Companies investing in DYSS and KASEMAKE often use the machines and software as the sole method of cut-production. With a machine life expectancy of around 30 years, it is important to keep the products updated and working at an optimum level.

All support is UK-based. If you have a question, you speak to a real person in real-time. Where a machine is on a network, our team can dial in and often help diagnose issues or help with material profiles without the requirement of an engineer visit. AG/CAD employs its teams of engineers and software developers.

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