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There are a range of Packaging Design Software applications on the market so why choose KASEMAKE?

KASEMAKE drives your packaging design workflow with easy-to-use drawing tools. Everything is included. There are no hidden costs.

The answer to "What software should I use for Packaging Design?" is easy to answer, based on the experiences of all of our customers over the last 30+ years: it's KASEMAKE.

What can KASEMAKE Packaging CAD from AG/CAD offer a Packaging Designer or Packaging Company?

AG/CAD Ltd has been trading since 1986 and is well known for creating packaging design solutions including KASEMAKE. A long-standing presence in the market highlights AG/CAD’s experience and expertise in providing innovative design solutions. KASEMAKE is a market leader in providing software solutions for carton and corrugated Packaging Design.

KASEMAKE Packaging CAD Software has been in continual development since the company's formation. KASEMAKE enables customers to use intuitive 2D drafting tools to quickly and accurately transform ideas into tangible packaging solutions. The software allows for seamless workflow, integrating with cutting tables and streamlining the process from Packaging Design to Packaging Production.

All elements of KASEMAKE are included as standard: 2D drafting, 3D rendering and artwork application, 3D movie creation, Parametric Library & Database. There are no hidden costs. You get everything.

KASEMAKE saw a complete redevelopment of the 3D function when 12.1 was released. Realistic virtual mock-ups can be created without the requirement of third-party rendering software. 12.2 is 64-bit and represents a significant advancement over older 32-bit software, not least because Packaging Designers can process bigger, more complex drawings and 3D models. KASEMAKE 12.2 contains a new Boolean Subtract feature. Customers working with virtual 3D models in formats such as .stp, .obj etc can use KASEMAKE to create bespoke fitments where the profile of the item being packed is removed, enabling an exact fit.

KASEMAKE contains a vast scalable Parametric Die-Line Template Library which is expanded upon year on year. Over a thousand packaging standards are contained in the library including up-to-date FEFCO corrugated packaging, ECMA for cartons, point-of-sale displays, shelf-ready packs, bags, envelopes and even standards for honeycomb board – Xanita, Dufaylite etc. A customer just needs to choose a standard style from the library, pick a material, and enter the required internal dimensions (L x W x H.)

KASEMAKE has a powerful SQL database built in. Along with the normal functions that you might expect, the KASEMAKE database also has a works scheduling function. KASELINX Real-time job allocation gives you the means to organise your workflow. Provide timescales for jobs, prioritise important work, and never miss a deadline! Your design manager can prioritise and allocate jobs to designers. Designers flag changes to job status whenever they save their work. Anyone with access to the scheduler timeline can immediately see what stage any job is at. All status changes are logged with commentary and date-stamped for tracking purposes.

KASEMAKE is a cost-effective packaging design solution available as a perpetual licence and now on subscription. KASEMAKE will add value to the packaging you create. To find out more or to book a tailored demonstration, contact us.

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