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The importance of CAD for effective Structural Packaging Design

KASEMAKE helps you make the best first impression, enabling you to create aesthetically appealing packaging designs quickly and easily

Packaging Design plays a crucial role in sales. Eye-catching Packaging Designs pique a customer's interest. Customers will often choose products contained in well-designed packaging first. High-end Packaging Design speaks of a high-end, valuable, desirable product contained inside. As such, Packaging Design - both graphic and structural packaging design - done well can influence purchasing decisions positively. Well-designed packaging can even justify a slightly higher price point because people often perceive product value based on packaging quality.

Alternatively, a Packaging Designer may be more interested in Packaging Design for transporting high-value items where visual appeal is less of a concern but product protection is imperative.

In both instances, a company specializing in high-end Packaging Design has to design a Packaging Solution that is a perfect fit. There is no point in having a nice-looking box with a product that rolls around inside and becomes damaged in transit. This is where Structural Packaging Design Software like KASEMAKE is vital. KASEMAKE is the leading CAD software solution for Structural Packaging Design. It's a CAD package that improves design accuracy for perfect product fit and protection across a wide range of packaging materials. KASEMAKE also enhances creativity by providing easy-to-use drafting tools to enable Packaging Designers to create inventive, eye-catching point-of-sale displays, retail or food packaging.

Some of the benefits of using KASEMAKE are as follows:

Precision and Accuracy

KASEMAKE ensures precise measurements and accurate Packaging Design, essential for creating packaging that fits a product perfectly. This level of precision is important for product protection during transit; and also speaks of a high-end product thus appeal when it is used for retail and display packaging.

Enhances your Packaging Design Workflow and saves money

One of the outstanding features of KASEMAKE is its 3D functionality. For instance, KASEMAKE enables a Packaging Designer (and their customer if they are a Packaging Design Agency) to view the packaging before it is produced. The benefits of this are manifold. It enables Package Design Agencies to send virtual samples to their customers (static images, movies, or 3D PDFs) for proofing and approval purposes. It also allows Packaging Designers to verify the structure of the packaging to ensure that it fits the product perfectly prior to production, and - should it be a multi-part display - that it fits together perfectly. Structural Packaging Design Software thus avoids very making costly printing and manufacturing mistakes.

Structural Packaging Design Software saves time

KASEMAKE makes bespoke packaging design easy, even for those with minimal CAD experience. KASEMAKE is designed with a shallow learning curve with impressive immediate results, to enable users to start creating professional Packaging Designs quickly. Packaging Designers can express their creativity in no time at all.

Quite often, a Packaging Designer will base their design on an existing template (perhaps a FEFCO or ECMA standard). There is no need to reinvent the wheel or do bespoke packaging design in this case. KASEMAKE comes with a comprehensive library of pre-designed die-line templates for many packaging types including corrugated, cartons, displays, and more. These templates can easily be customised to meet exact requirements. Our die-line templates have been designed by Packaging Designers to take into account the materials and tolerances used by the packaging industry. Quite often, customising a die-line template is as simple as entering the internal dimensions – i.e. the length, width, and depth of the product. You will get a perfect-fit packaging die-line every single time.

Why would you choose AG/CAD for your Structural Packaging Design Software?

AG/CAD has been developing KASEMAKE continually for more than 30 years. We thus have a huge amount of experience in making the Best Packaging Design Software for the Best Packaging Design Companies like yours.

We also provide excellent customer support which is, unfortunately, generally lacking in vendors of other software in this field.

We also provide excellent tutoring and training. Should you be a Packaging Design Novice or an Experienced Packaging Designer, we have the training and support resources to ensure that you make the most of KASEMAKE and become a better Packaging Designer.

We regularly update KASEMAKE, adding new features - often suggested by Packaging Designers and Packaging Design Managers - and improving existing ones. Our goal is continuous improvement, continually bettering our Packaging Designer Software, based on what our end-user Packaging Designers and Packaging Design Managers say to us. You can be sure that you will always have access to the latest tools and technologies for Packaging Design at your disposal.


KASEMAKE is a powerful Packaging CAD tool that offers numerous benefits for Packaging Design. Its user-friendly interface, extensive template library, precision, and integration capabilities make it an indispensable asset for designers of retail packaging, displays, or protective packaging. Whether you’re looking to enhance creativity, improve accuracy, enhance product protection in transit, or streamline your Packaging Design Process, KASEMAKE provides the tools necessary to take your packaging business to the next level. By investing in KASEMAKE, companies can achieve better product presentation, and cost efficiency, ultimately contributing to a stronger brand presence and improved customer satisfaction.

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