DYSS Digital Cutters for the packaging industry

DYSS super-fast, high-quality digital die-cutting machines are available in a variety of sizes - from 1.3m wide x 1m long to 3.2m wide x 3m long

The DYSS X5 Range

The X5 is available in a variety of sizes with versatile tooling to suit all common packaging substrates. As a result it can process carton boxboard, corrugated up to triple wall, rigid displayboard, PETG, PP, polyethylene foam, structural honeycomb boards, Kappa foam boards, textiles, and paper - along with many other materials besides.
The X5’s tooling flexibility, lightning speed and automatic feeding options result in a genuine 24/7 digital cutting table.
Furthermore, it is able to service conventionally or digitally-printed short-to-medium production runs.
The DYSS X5 Range

The DYSS X7 Range

The X7 is available in a variety of sizes with versatile tooling to suit all common packaging substrates, with the addition of routing.
X7 machines are designed to handle all the prototyping, sample-making and short-to-medium run production needs of packaging and display companies.
A cutting capacity to handle up to 50mm (2”) thick materials, combined with flexible and advanced tooling options means the incredibly robust, precise and reliable DYSS X7 machines can be configured for almost all materials and applications.
The DYSS X7 Range
Cut and crease a huge range of materials with DYSS X5 and DYSS X7
Corrugated packaging
Folding carton solid boards (FBB)
Protective packaging foams such as Stratocell®
Heavy-duty corrugated and displayboard POS/POP displays
Corrugated and displayboard Point Of Sale/Point Of Purchase displays
Presentation boxes made from heavy duty rigid boards
Offset coating blankets and flexo plates

Corrugated and foam

A high-frequency, 12,000rpm reciprocating knife tool, with its range of specialised high quality blades, combined with a 72mm diameter crease wheel, provides excellent sample quality.
With minimal overcut at high speed on corrugated and foams this configuration is ideal for protective transit packaging.
X7 Combo Head with crease wheel

DYSS X7 Heavy Duty Digital Combo-Head

Designed specifically for heavy-duty, the X7 Combo-Head features an even larger 150mm diameter crease wheel (URT) with up to 48Kg of downforce. As a result of the large diameter and higher pressure it makes light work of the toughest grades of twin and triple wall. In addition to this the large circumference helps prevent liners cracking during creasing.
A V-cut tool is also available to cut out V notches hence easy folding of difficult materials is possible. You can process materials such as impregnated heavy duty corrugated, Kappa foam boards, and honeycomb structural boards using the V-cut tool.
DYSS X7 Combo Head with URT

Folding Carton and Plastics

Material-specific creasing tools combined with high quality drag knife tools and clever blade design results in production-quality cutting, creasing and scoring on folding carton boards (FBB) and rigid boards as well as thin plastics and corrugated plastic.
ECMA folding carton

Camera-Guided Cutting / Cut to Register

X5 and X7 machines are available with the K-CUT Camera Vision System. This system is able to cut printed sheets accurately to register, making it a simple, quick job.
Additionally, the camera can detect material edges and cut designs print-face-down.
Camera-Guided Cutting


For increased productivity, various automation features are available. From a simple offload area where the operator can strip cut parts while the machine continues the next job, to semi-automated sheet feeding.
You can also specify a completely automated feeder and unloader that can process a full stack of sheets without need for operator intervention during the job.
In conjunction with KASEMAKE's job database system, DYSS tables also support QR Code and barcode driven cutting for automatic job selection and setup via a barcode scanner.
DYSS loading table
KASEMAKE packaging design software, with its easy-to-use drafting tools and hundreds of built-in resizable design standards for displays, boxes, etc. and a DYSS are an unbeatable combination for packaging applications!
Packaging companies the world over use the design power of KASEMAKE and the versatility and quality of DYSS cutting machines to drive their business.
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