DYSS Cutting Tables for Packaging, Sign & Graphics, Fabrics & Textiles

Digital Cutting Machines for Packaging, Sign and Graphics, Fabrics and Textiles

Power and precision with KASEMAKE and DYSS

AG/CAD unite the power of KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software and the speed, precision and quality of the South-Korean-made DYSS Digital Cutting Machines, to give you unrivalled performance and return on investment.
The DYSS X7 Super Head

Our range of DYSS Digital Cutting Machines and accessories

Each model comes in a range of sizes with optional features including conveyor, vision system, offloader, and sheet feeder.

Efficient, camera-guided routing and knife cutting*

DYSS Digital Cutting Machines can be equipped with precise, efficient, camera-guided routing and knife cutting technology, to give you the best possible results.
* This is an optional component, which enables cut to register functionality.
DYSS camera guided cutting

Tools to suit every application

Operators can use the router to shape acrylic and DIBONDĀ®; cut vinyl with the kiss-cut tool; cut plastics, foamex and polypropylene with the heavy-duty drag knife; and many more.
Every DYSS is a versatile digital cutting machine that can be used for a wide range of applications including packaging, signage, and display.
Many other material and tool combinations are possible. We can advise if you have specialist requirements.
DYSS X5 T Head

Non-Contact Tool Calibration

Tool configurations can be rapidly changed to suit the material about to be processed.
The DYSS non-contact tool calibration system ensures that the cutting tool is always at the correct height offset.
This means that the cutting tool will not damage the machine bed, and that the cutting depth will be consistent between jobs.
Non-Contact Tool Calibration

Multi-Zone Vacuum System

The machine's cut area has many small holes that the vacuum system can use to hold the material in place.
Larger tables have multiple zones, so that the vacuum can be turned off in areas which are not needed to increase energy efficiency.
Multi-Zone Vacuum System

Safety Light Curtain

With a safety-first approach, DYSS has developed a safety light curtain to protect your workforce.
The machine will stop immediately if the light curtain is triggered, to ensure the safety of the operator.
Safety Light Curtain
KASEMAKE The Designer's Choice

DYSS Digital Cutting Machines powered by KASEMAKE

Read more about KASEMAKE and K-CUT Vision

A new DYSS could pay for itself within a year

Why farm your print finishing out to an external company when you can do the whole thing yourself, in-house?
Paired with the design power of KASEMAKE and K-CUT Vision, a DYSS digital cutting machine will open up a whole new world of opportunities.

Why not arrange a demonstration today?

Call or e-mail us to arrange a no-obligation demonstration, either at AG/CAD (in Cheshire, UK) or online via Zoom.
We will even use your own materials and jobs to make the demo as relevant to your business as we can.

Keenly priced with finance available

Significantly lower pricing than our competitors, together with 3 and 5 year finance/leasing options means entering the digital cutting arena has never been easier.

Installation and Support

AG/CAD have a team of expert field engineers who will install a new DYSS digital cutting machine and associated software at your premises and ensure that everything is working as it should.
Should anything go wrong in the future, you can contact our technical support team who are available by phone, e-mail, and remote desktop.
Additionally, our field engineers are always on hand to remedy hardware issues in the unlikely event they should arise.
DYSS Cutting Machine Installation


Cost-effective training is available to make the most of your new DYSS digital cutting machine, K-CUT Vision and KASEMAKE.
Training can be delivered at your own premises or at AG/CAD in Cheshire, UK.
KASEMAKE software training can also be delivered online if this is more convenient for you - for instance if you have a distributed design team.
Training can be tailored to exactly match your requirements.
DYSS Training

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