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We are a UK-based software house who develop KASEMAKE, our 3D Packaging Design Software, in use by thousands of designers worldwide

About AG/CAD Limited

The UK's leading developer of Packaging Design Software and Cutting Systems
Starting life back in 1987, UK-based AG/CAD has gone from strength to strength. We boast a talented, in-house software development team; and a large team of highly skilled, factory-trained engineers to service and maintain the impressive number of systems we have supplied over the years. Need support? Our support staff are always on hand to help. Need training? We have a dedicated team of trainers to help you make the most out of your investment.
AG/CAD can provide off-the-shelf solutions such as our KASEMAKE or bespoke software solutions and integrations - along with new cutting equipment, machine servicing, moving and installation services. We keep a comprehensive range of parts and consumables at our Cheshire (UK) Headquarters for this purpose.
A fully-equipped showroom is available for new and existing customers to put KASEMAKE and the latest DYSS Cutting Machines through their paces, so why not make an appointment to come in and see us? We are always happy to demonstrate our products and services.

KASEMAKE The Designer's Choice'

Designed and developed in the UK by AG/CAD
AG/CAD is the author of KASEMAKE. KASEMAKE was one of the first packaging-specific CAD software systems; and with continuous improvement and development has always stayed ahead of the competition. Ease of use, flexibility, and speed underpin all the drafting tools in KASEMAKE.
Designers around the globe consider KASEMAKE to be the best Packaging Design Software available. In the dynamic world of product packaging - precision, creativity, and efficiency are paramount. Tailored to cater to the diverse requirements of packaging professionals across industries, KASEMAKE stands out as a comprehensive solution for crafting visually appealing, structurally sound, and cost-effective packaging designs.
KASEMAKE is supplied with all modules as standard: comprehensive 2D drafting tools, 3D folding and artwork tools, interactive 3D PDF proofing functionality, and a vast parametric style library. KASEMAKE is backed by a powerful database system and is truly the complete packaging design solution.

DYSS Cutting Tables for Packaging, Sign & Graphics, Fabrics & Textiles

Digital Cutting Machines for Packaging, Sign and Graphics, Fabrics and Textiles
AG/CAD is proud to be a distributor for DYSS cutting machines. Partnered with KASEMAKE and K-CUT VISION, DYSS cutting machines are the perfect solution for any packaging design and production environment.
Manufactured in South Korea, DYSS cutting machines are renowned for their speed, quality and precision.
Why not come along to AG/CAD in Cheshire to put KASEMAKE, K-CUT Vision, and the latest DYSS Cutting Machines through their paces?
AG/CAD pride ourselves in finding the right solution for any application and budget
Whatever your requirements, you can be sure we will come up with the best system possible at the best possible price
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