Digital Cutting Machines – Digital Die Cutters

DYSS X7 Digital Cutting MachinesDYSS and KM Digital Cutting Machines from AG/CAD

If you can print it, you need to be able to trim or cut it. You can bring all your cutting and finishing in-house with AG/CAD’s DYSS X7 and X9 digital cutting machines. This range of large-format, flatbed Digital Cutters, is the perfect match for your Digital Printer.

Manufactured in South Korea using state-of-the art technology, we build the DYSS Digital Flatbed Cutter to exacting standards.  As a result, a DYSS gives you unrivalled quality, reliability and phenomenal performance. Unlike traditional CNC routers, which can only cut certain materials, with DYSS digital cutting machines you can also knife cut, V-Cut, and crease. Consequently you can process a huge range of media.

Digital Cutting MachineWith a DYSS you can automate your finishing, eliminate costly mistakes, and reduce your labour costs thanks to its fast, accurate, camera guided routing and knife cutting. X7 and X9 machines are already installed alongside digital printers from HP, Canon Océ, Fuji, EFI Vutek, Inktec Jetrix, Screen Inca & Truepress, Mtex, Agfa, and Mimaki catering for most sheet and roll printing capabilities. DYSS bed sizes are available to handle 8’x’4 or 10’x5’ boards, and further options up to a massive 3.2m wide.

Routing Rigid Materials

The X7 and X9’s high specification router can cut rigid materials with ease, making light work of acrylic, Dibond, rigid PVC, etc. Due to the twin slots for knife and creasing tools, you can handle even more materials. You can kiss-cut adhesive backed vinyl, through-cut and score displayboard, card, magnetic foil, correx, corrugated, honeycomb, foamcore, and more. Operators can process rigid styrene and 5mm PVC with the heavy duty knife, without producing mess or dust.

DYSS X5 digital cutters – for prototyping, sample making and short/medium production runs

DYSS X5 Digital Cutter with M Head Knife Cutting 5mm Foamex

With DYSS X5 digital cutters you can handle everything your packaging or point of sale company needs. From prototyping and sample making to short or medium production runs your X5 digital cutters will do it all. First of all, these machines are made to be robust and reliable, furthermore you will get extremely high quality results thanks to the superior Korean engineering.

The DYSS X5 digital cutters come in a variety of sizes with versatile tooling to suit all common packaging substrates. With an X5 you can process folding carton boxboard, corrugated up to triple wall, displayboard, PETG, PP, polyethylene foam, and more. Also you can even cut structural honeycomb boards, Kappa foam boards, textiles, and paper along with many other materials.

KM 7 Series Digital Cutters

KM 7 Series digital cutting machine

Also AG/CAD offer KM7 Series machines, a keenly priced range of cutters designed for sampling and prototyping.

With the ability to prototype, the KM 7 Series machine also allows your design team to be more creative. Available with camera guided automated cutting and optional routers. The KM 7 Series tool head comprises 2 interchangeable, tangentially driven tool modules and a Pen, incorporating the following, standard set of tools: Electronic oscillating knife, drag knife, creasing tool, pen tool and optional router.

For more information on the KM Series of digital cutters click here.