Point of Sale/Purchase (POS/POP) Display Production

Display productionPoint of Sale Unit – Display Production

You can’t walk into any shop without seeing some sort of point of sale or point of purchase unit. Display production is a growing industry and one you can get into or develop further with KASEMAKE and a DYSS or KM digital cutter.

First of all, using KASEMAKE in your display production department will increase both productivity and efficiency. You can quickly design a Point of Sale unit from an FSDU to a leaflet holder.  You can create a design in seconds, ready for estimating, printing, exporting out to a die maker or artroom. Ultimately you can send the designs for sampling and production on a DYSS digital cutting table.

Simply pick the POS/POP style from the extensive libraries of designs and feed in the basic sizes and material required.

KASEMAKE has by far the most built-in POS/POP styles and the library is expanding all the time. Make on-screen modifications to the designs if necessary and then customise them further to suit your customer’s brief. You can also use them as a basis for bespoke designs, by editing components to allow specific artwork.

Designs for all display production materials

Using KASEMAKE you can produce designs in different corrugated flutes, some designs allow different flutes for different parts. Also there are an increasing number of designs specially for honeycomb type boards, which can be either straight cut or V-cut depending on the design.

Much Point of Sale work is bespoke and is tailored to the customer’s requirements of course. KASEMAKE’s user-friendly drawing tools allow the designer to create designs to match the brief faster than any other software.

When combined with one of our DYSS cutting tables, equipped with the K-CUT Vision automatic camera registration system, you can produce full samples for your customers in a surprisingly short period of time. You can equip your table with a range of automation options, and on approval, you can start full production.