Packaging Design System for Corrugated and Carton

Packaging design system - A selection of carton designs cut out on the X5.AG/CAD’s Complete Packaging Design System

Using KASEMAKE packaging design software a custom size corrugated (FEFCO) or carton (ECMA) design can be created in matter of seconds. Ready for estimating, printing, exporting for your diemaker, or artwork department. Also for producing on one of our DYSS or KM7 digital cutters. All our cutters are available with a full range of creasers and knives to give a die cut quality finish to your samples. With a DYSS you can go from sample to fully automated production at the tick of a box. You can get all you need from AG/CAD – it’s the complete packaging design system.

Carton Packaging Design System

We can knife cut:

  • Carton
  • Folding carton
  • Grey board
  • many more carton type materials.

Our DYSS tables have an optional greyboard V-cutting tool to give the most perfect folds with this material.


48Kg downforce creasing wheel for double and triple wall corrugated boardWith our reciprocating knife and range of creasing tools, including our heavy duty creaser which features a 150mm diameter wheel with up to 48Kg of down force. As a result of the large diameter and higher pressure it makes light work of the toughest grades of twin and triple wall. In addition to this the large circumference helps prevent liners cracking during creasing.

Our FEFCO parametric designs cater for all new flutes, such as G,F, N and R. The finished designs can be folded into a 3D virtual sample which can be forwarded to your customer in PDF format, and even animated and sent in a mobile device friendly video format.

Sampling and production with a DYSS is a simple task for:

  • Single wall
  • Double wall
  • Triple wall

KASEMAKE’s style library is constantly updated so that it includes the latest FECO and ECMA standards. In addition there are other libraries for FSDUs, dump bins, other POS/POP designs and a host of other designs totalling over 800 unique and re-sizeable styles.