corrugated cardboard boxes produced on KASEMAKE and DYSS cutterThe combination of KASEMAKE and digital cutter is an extremely versatile and powerful system. You can design anything that your imagination conjures and then bring it to life, first virtually in a 3D scene, and then the tangible final product can be created from a multitude of materials using the flexible tooling options of a DYSS or a KM7 digital cutter.

Over 800 re-sizeable styles are available with a click of a mouse, including styles for carton, corrugated, structural design board, foam board, polypropylene and more.

Not only that, but KASEMAKE has intuitive design tools which allow you to create a concept from scratch, if desired. Your design can then be put to the material of choice, be it board, acrylic, di-bond, textiles, paper, foam, the list goes on. With a DYSS and KASEMAKE, your design possibilities are without limit.

Foamex Signage Lettering being cut on a DYSS cutter. Designed in KASEMAKE.

Created by packaging designers, for packaging designers KASEMAKE has all the tools you need (and more) for applications such as: