point of sale and point of purchase design software

Using the KASEMAKE software a custom size Point of Sale (POS) / Point of Purchase (POP) design, whether it is a complete Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU) or perhaps a desktop leaflet holder. These designs can be created in matter of seconds, ready for estimating, printing, exporting out to a diemaker (typically in CF2 format) or artwork department (typically in AI or PDF format), or for producing on a digital cutting table.

Simply pick the POS/POP style from the extensive libraries of designs and feed in the basic sizes and material required.

KASEMAKE has by far the most built-in POS/POP styles and the library is expanding all the time. Make on-screen modifications to the designs if necessary and customise them further, or use them as a basis for special designs. For example editing the header card on a FSDU to follow specific artwork.

Much Point of Sale work is bespoke and is tailored to the customer’s requirements of course. The user-friendly drawing tools allow the designer to create designs to match the brief faster than any other software. The designs can be produced in a number of different corrugated flutes and new in version 10, we have added some designs specially for honeycomb type boards, which can be either straight cut or V-vut depending on the design.


When combined with one of our KASEMAKE or DYSS cutting tables, equipped with the K-CUT Vision automatic camera registration system, you can produce full sampled for your customers in a surprisingly short period of time. It is the perfect solution!